Good Samaritan has his vehicle and belongings stolen on Hawkins Drive as he delivers food to the needy

Orville Simon, host of the Morning Train on Progressive FM, is
calling for the return of his uncle’s vehicle, which was stolen while
he delivered food to the needy.

Reginald Peterson – a retired teacher of industrial arts for many
years and a former officer of the Youth Skills Development
Programme – has become the victim of youth crime for the second
time in months.
A thief reportedly stole his vehicle last Wednesday, February 21, at6
about 2 p.m.
At the time, Peterson was on Hawkins Drive, east of the Government
Workshop, delivering food packages. 

After he exited his vehicle at this stop – but with the engine still
running – an unknown young man is alleged to have jumped in and
sped off in a northerly direction, towards Cassada Gardens.
Several undelivered lunches; Peterson’s personal items, including
his phones and keys; and items for the shop he operates in Liberta
were inside the stolen vehicle.
A report of the incident was made to the Police; however, up to
Monday, February 26, the vehicle had not been found.
Simon says there are reports from the Pigotts area that at least three
young men have been seen driving a car that fits the description of
his uncle’s vehicle: a silver/grey Toyota Allion with registration
plates A65239.

According to Simon, one of his uncle’s stolen phones was recovered
from a man in the vicinity of the Stables nightclub; however, he is
unsure of how it came into the man’s possession.

Simon is appealing to anyone with information on the whereabouts
of the vehicle, or anyone who spots it being driven, to contact the
police or call him at 728-0902.

Orville Simon, host of the Morning Train on Progressive FM.
Several months ago, Peterson was the victim of a violent home
invasion by several masked and armed young men.