Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle took part in Sunday’s National Day of Prayer event, but told the Nation it was “not an occasion for politicians to posture. Rather, it is for those called to the service of Christ to take the lead.”

He said it was “unfortunate that it took the COVID-19 pandemic to bring us to a second Day of Prayer in just about a year’s time,” because “Antigua & Barbuda has been in a moral crisis for some time now.”

While this country describes itself as “a Christian Nation,” Pringle noted that it has not always put God first.

“It would not be true to say that we have always made Him our priority and put him above profits, or popularity, or pleasure.

“In fact, for too many of our citizens and residents, God has been made into a ‘convenience.’ He has been our refuge and help ONLY in the time of trouble,” the Opposition Leader told his parliamentary colleagues and attending clergy.

He said that the Day of Prayer had been called only “because the pandemic has gone on too long, because it has become too expensive to fight, and because it has wrecked our economy.”

However, looking at the situation being faced by the people of St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Pringle said that “our land is already blessed.” And he credited “the prayers of the truly righteous people” for keeping the country safe, thus far.

He exhorted citizens and residents to live in a way to honour God and bless each other, including by seeing to it that the resources of the country are enjoyed by all; by putting country before self enrichment; and by practicing justice.

Pringle ended by praying “that the lessons of this pandemic will not be lost after the crisis has passed … and that every day in Antigua & Barbuda will become, truly, a National Day of Prayer.”

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