Simon’s legal matter begins with preliminary arguments on Monday; judge to render her decision on Wednesday morning

The legal matter involving Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, former parliamentary representative for St. Mary’s South, got underway on Monday morning, July 3, with a High Court judge hearing preliminary arguments from all the parties.

Since the matter is before the Court, REAL News will not report on the details of the case.  However, Simon – represented by attorneys Kendrickson Kentish and Sherrie-Ann Bradshaw – tells our Newsroom that, based on the arguments put forward that morning, he is very encouraged that the outcome will be a positive one for him.

Also sitting in for Simon were attorneys Harold Lovell, Leon Chaku Symister, and Charlesworth Tabor.

Hugh Marshall Junior appeared for Casworth Aaron, the constituent who mounted the challenge to Simon’s election, while Dr. David Dorsett represented House Speaker Sir Gerald Watt, K.C., who was joined to the matter last week.  Two Crown Counsels represented the Office of the Attorney-General.

The judge, having heard the preliminary arguments, told the court she would need one day to deliberate and would deliver her decision – whether to end the proceedings now, or proceed to trial – on Wednesday.  Accordingly, the court will reconvene at 10 a.m. on July 5.