Flare-gun shooting and stabbing reported, but doctor says wounds do not support teen victim’s story  

A teenager was the victim of a shooting that allegedly occurred in
Golden Grove on Sunday, February 18.
Reports are that a 911 operator telephoned the Grays Farm Police
Station and advised that he had received a report of a shooting at
about 1:10 p.m.
Further reports allege that the 16-year-old victim was accosted by
two young men, whose company he was in earlier that day.
The alleged perpetrators have been identified by their aliases:
“Baldhead” and “Tyson” of Golden Grove.
Apparently, the teenager had been involved in an argument with the
two youth that escalated into a scuffle.

One attacker allegedly used a pair of scissors to wound the teenager
to his right shoulder. 
During the fracas, the other young man is alleged to have pulled out
an orange flare gun, pointed it at the 16-year-old, and discharged a
single shot. 
The teenager claimed he immediately felt a burning sensation on his
left elbow and saw blood flowing from the area. 
Both men then fled from the scene in a western direction. 
The victim was subsequently transported to the Sir Lester Bird
Medical Centre via police vehicle. 
He was examined by a doctor, who reported that both wounds
appeared to be superficial.

However, the medical professional was of the opinion that the
injuries the teenager sustained were not consistent with the initial
report he gave the Police.
The teen was then treated and discharged in the care and custody of
his grandmother. 
A search was carried out in the area for spent shells; however, none
was recovered. 
The Police also conducted a search for perpetrators matching the
description given by the teenager, but that, too, was not successful.