Barbuda Council chairman complains that abandoned barge remains an obstruction in River Dock

Chairman of the Barbuda Council Devon Warner is complaining that
a tug (barge) remains moored at the River Dock – and has been for
some time now – despite numerous requests to have it removed.

Warner says that it is yet to be moved because of political
bureaucracy, as certain agencies on Antigua are claiming that the
Barbuda Council does not have the authority to move the vessel.

Therefore, he says the Council is still faced with the challenge of who
is to be held accountable for the barge being abandoned at the River
Dock in Codrington for over a year now.

Not only are there concerns about the vessel’s environmental threat,
but Warner says it also creates a safety hazard for those using the

So he says the Council will have to approach the relevant agencies
again to address this issue urgently.

Chairman of the Barbuda Council Devon Warner

Barbuda Senator Fabian Jones had raised this issue last year while
debating the Appropriations Bill, 2023.

Jones said, then, that the vessel would create a huge environmental
problem if it were to sink and the Council and the people of Barbuda
were worried about the risk.

Reports say the vessel had arrived from neighbouring Montserrat
and encountered difficulties on the sister-island. 

Apparently, It has been creating an obstruction to other vessels that
need to dock in that area to offload food and other goods.

Senator Jones had said that, with the passing of the Port Authority
Amendment Act, he hoped the Gaston Browne Administration would
take the required action to remove the barge and allow freer and
safer access to and from the area.