He could run, but gun-carrying Swetes man could not escape police pursuit, and now faces charges of possession

A chase on the weekend has resulted in a Swetes man facing gu-
possession charges, after he was apprehended by the Police with the
illegal weapon.
A source says that, based on certain information they had received,
officers from the All Saints Police Station, among others, went on
duty in Swetes at about 9 a.m., on February 17, to conduct an
On their arrival in the village the lawmen allegedly saw an individual
brandishing what appeared to be a firearm.
It is alleged that, while approaching the cross-section at the Swetes
Moravian Church, the officers observed a number of young men
sitting under an abandoned building on the southern side of the
Allegedly, one of the men was seen acting suspiciously – bending
down as if to hide himself – which raised the suspicion of the
The police vehicle reportedly came to a stop, at which time one of
the young men ran from the building in a southern direction, with
his hand in the right pocket of the hoodie he was wearing.
Reports say the officers immediately exited the vehicle and gave
chase, during which they saw the suspect throw something from his
The chase continued and the Swetes suspect was apprehended
shortly afterwards and taken back to the scene.

A search was carried out in the surrounding areas in his presence,
and one black-handled firearm was found in some bushes on the
southern side of the abandoned building.
The officers retrieved the weapon, packaged it in the presence of the
suspect, and arrested him on suspicion of possession of a firearm.
The young man, along with the item found , was taken to the St.
John’s Police Station.