Head of hospital lab confirms that Delta is now the dominant strain and responsible for recent spike in COVID-19 cases

Dr. Lester Simon, head of the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre Lab, says the Delta variant has now become the dominant strain of the COVID-19 virus here, and is responsible for the recent spike in cases.

Speaking at a Ministry of Health press conference on Wednesday, October 6, Dr. Simon says all the samples that have tested positive in recent months have been the Delta variant.

He says the lab has more samples to be sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) for testing, and for verifying whether it is the predominant strain for October and November.

Since this variant is said to be the most easily transmitted, several older residents tell REAL News they will be “keeping their guard up” although social restrictions have been relaxed.

One woman in her 70s says the Delta is “no respecter of persons,” but too many people in her age group are dying.  Therefore, she will be taking no chances.  

She says she is already trying to find other means of paying her APUA bills in order to avoid “muching-up” with too many people and becoming infected.