Inland Revenue Department calls on businesses to pay their taxes as able, and home-owners to come current on property tax

In spite of the pandemic, the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) is making moves to ensure that taxes are collected.

Jermaine Jarvis, the deputy director of the IRD, said earlier that tax collection has increased this year when compared to 2020.  However, he says delinquent businesses and individuals should seek to settle their debts with the department.

Jarvis says that persons face penalties if they neglect to pay their taxes or make some form of arrangement to have them paid.  He was speaking specifically to property tax.

The Deputy Commissioner says the Department is aware of the current economic situation, but he adds that those who have the ability to pay must do so.

He advises that mechanisms have been put in place to assist those persons and businesses that have encountered serious difficulties as a result of the pandemic.