St. Mary’s South demands improvement in the supply of piped water and criticize reported distribution of fans in Bolans

The United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate for St. Mary’s South is
standing in solidarity with the people of the constituency, especially
those living in the West Palm Beach, Bolans, area, and calling for the
provision of piped water.
“Can’t be St. Mary’s South ABLP is trying to win, when we are going
on four days without water,” declares Kelvin “Shugy” Simon on his
Facebook page.

Simon, a lifelong member of the community, is also affected by the
lack of water.
Across the country, residents are complaining about the extreme
heat and noting that when they most need to take a shower and cool
down, the water is off – and off for consecutive days.
One woman says the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA),
which is responsible for the supply of pipe-borne water, is charging
her twice for a commodity she has not been receiving on a daily
Meanwhile, other persons are criticizing the Antigua Labour Party,
saying it had the audacity to be distributing fans in Bolans, on
Wednesday, September 13 – and using a government vehicle to do
so – while they cannot take a proper bath or do their laundry.
Critics say the ALP Administration needs to stop using State
resources to win an election at all cost – and use them, instead, to
ensure that taxpayers have pipe-borne water on a regular basis.

Accordingly, fed-up residents of St. Mary’s South say they will be
voting for Simon on by-election day and money will not save the
Labour Party or its candidate.
Meanwhile, responding to Simon’s social-media post, residents of
other communities are expressing their displeasure about the water

A man who says he lives in City West – the constituency represented
by Prime Minister Gaston Browne – claims he has to make a mad
dash for the water, which, at times, is on for only 20 minutes.
Another resident says that, in his area, households have had to
contend with low water pressure for three months.