Murder-accused Burton is remanded to prison with his committal hearing set for April 4

Fifty-nine-year-old Eric Burton, who was charged for the murder of
22-year-old Jamal Ryner of Yorks Village, has been remanded to His
Majesty’s Prison.

Burton made his first court appearance on Monday, February 19, in
the St. John’s Magistrates Court, after having been charged on
Saturday, February 17, with the capital offence.
Since a magistrate has no jurisdiction to grant bail for offences of
this nature, Burton – through his attorney, Michael Archibald –
would have to make an application before a High Court judge.
His committal proceedings are set for April 4, at which time the
magistrate will determine whether there is sufficient evidence to
send the matter for trial before a judge, or a judge and jury, in the
upper court.
Burton was arrested and charged for fatally stabbing Ryner on
Tuesday night, February 13, on lower Rowan Henry Street.
It is alleged that Burton, who is known to the court and the Police –
but not for violent offences – used a sharp implement to inflict the
injury to Ryner’s chest. The young man succumbed to his injuries on
the scene.