Tabor calls on Sir Molwyn to account for $2 million-plus for new cemetery as Tomlinsons burials to begin shortly

Following news that the cemetery at Tomlinsons will soon be
commissioned for burials – after several delays –the United
Progressive Party (UPP) is calling on Minister of Health Sir Molwyn
Joseph to disclose what has happened to the over $2 million that
was earmarked to construct a new state-of-the-art cemetery.
It has been well over five years since the Browne Administration
announced that a new burial ground, with a crematorium and other
modern facilities, would be constructed in the constituency of St.

However, during the January 31 Cabinet meeting, the minister of
health reportedly informed the Executive that an area of the
Tomlinsons Cemetery will soon be utilized for its intended purpose.
Damani Tabor, UPP public relations officer, says the Party welcomes
that news. However, he adds, the $2.16 million taken from the
Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) for the new facility –
and deposited into the Consolidated Fund – still needs to be
accounted for.

Tabor says the health minister has failed miserably in constructing
the cemetery in a timely manner, and also in having the healthcare
infrastructure crumble under his stewardship.

Damani Tabor, UPP public relations officer.

The need for a new burial site became evident after the St. John’s
Public Cemetery reached its capacity during the COVID-19pandemic.
An alternative site at the Valley Community Cemetery was then
selected, and now this, too, has reached capacity. In January, REAL
News correspondent George Wehner reported that the space left
could accommodate fewer than 10 burials.
As a result, community cemeteries are currently being utilized for
burials – with criticism from some residents. Accordingly, the
Cabinet is advising that all cemeteries are public property.