Will shipment of Cuban cigars be sold and relevant taxes paid, inquiring minds ask government minister

Inside sources are asking questions about a shipment of Cuban cigars that
arrived by air on Antigua and Barbuda and, reportedly, was received by a
senior minister of Government.

Apparently, the commodity – highly prized by international connoisseurs
and collectors – was not meant for regular retail here. Rather, the
speculation is that the Cuban product is intended for private sale and/or
“gifting” by the government official.

Insiders are therefore asking whether the importation was governed by the
standard trade regulations and whether the sale of these cigars will attract
the Antigua and Barbuda Sales Tax (ABST) of 17 percent and the
additional 10 percent “sin tax” levied on tobacco, marijuana and alcohol

They believe these questions should be answered when the minister in
question returns from an official visit to China.