ALP radio critics branded as hypocrites for supporting Dunbars’ destruction while owing rent on agricultural lands

Sources in the Ministry of Agriculture are hitting back at political
figures who have sided with Agriculture Minister Paul “Chet” Greene
and the Cabinet over the dismantling of the Dunbars Station and the
“repurposing” of its lands.

Greene has disclosed that the lands – formerly used for the purposes
of cultivation and experimentation, according to the Station’s
mandate – are now to be used for housing, since the agency is not in
keeping with development plans for the upscale area.

Commentators on a political station who stridently supported
Greene’s position have since been described as “hypocrites” by
persons in the know.

Ministry staff claim that a male host remains in possession of
agricultural lands – reportedly over 60 acres – that he “inherited”
from his father, and they allege that he has not paid the rent for
several years. Yet, they say, he has not been evicted.

Further, they allege that this person was awarded $75,000 by the
prime minister to assist in the cultivation of onions and carrots – but
“has not yet produced a single acre.”

A female radio commentator, meanwhile, is alleged to be in
possession of agricultural lands at both Belmont and Pares that are
not under cultivation.

However, while Ministry sources claim that she is scheduled for
eviction for non-payment of rent, other persons believe her political
connections will not allow that to happen.