Indian authorities are now targeting wife of Mehul Choksi and have filed charges accusing her of being an ‘abettor’ of crime

Embattled businessman Mehul Choksi is facing yet another challenge, as Indiam authorities in are now targeting his wife, Priti Choksi.

International media reports claim that India’s Enforcement Directorate (ED) has filed charges against Priti and others, under sections of its Prevention of Money Laundering Act, in connection with a multi-million-dollar Punjab National Bank scam.

PTI is reporting that while Choksi and Nirav Modi, his nephew, are the prime suspects, it is believed that Priti was helping him “in (laundering) the proceeds of crime.”

It is being alleged that Priti was “hand-in-glove with her husband Mehul Choksi in getting companies incorporated for him for laundering and siphoning of proceeds of crime and utilising and projecting them as untainted.”

The ED further alleges that “she was aware of the source of monies which were being routed/siphoned by her husband illegally and fraudulently. She was (an) abettor of the crime, thereby being actually involved in the laundering of proceeds of crime….”

Priti is also alleged to be the “ultimate beneficial owner” of three companies based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Accordingly, reports say, the charge sheet was placed before a special court in Mumbai in March, and the court took cognizance on Monday, June 6.

Choksi’s three companies – Gitanjali Gems Ltd, Gili India Ltd., and Nakshatra Brand Ltd. – as well as a retired deputy bank manager, Gokulnath Shetty, have also been named in the charge sheet, PTI reports.

Now, with money-laundering charges being brought against Priti, the ED is likely to pursue her extradition from Antigua, where she moved with her husband after acquiring citizenship in 2017.

And, like Choksi, reports say that an Interpol arrest warrant can also be issued against her.

Her husband is currently fighting extradition from Antigua and Barbuda, and a source tells REAL News that his troubles appear to be building – in spite of his recent victory in the Dominica courts.

The source says that this current attempt to get to Choksi through his wife has several proverbs linked to it, including “If you can’t get big you get little.”