Outraged residents call for the dismissal of the Health Minister, Sir Molwyn, and hospital directors over ‘rotting bodies’ scandal

Members of the public are calling for the dismissal of Health Minister Sir Molwyn Joseph and the Board of Directors of the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre, given the scandal of rotting corpses that have led to a number of quick burials in the past few days.
On Tuesday night, REAL News broke the story, advising residents that they should expect a number of quick burials, starting Wednesday, October 19, following what was described as “a crisis” in the hospital’s Pathology Department.
Reportedly, several bodies awaiting autopsies were being stored in the Department’s refrigerated unit on the Holberton Hospital compound.
Sources said that the unit’s air-conditioning mechanism failed; and while the problem was reported, it was not properly corrected and done so in a timely fashion. Hence, the corpses began to decompose and, eventually, they are said to have “liquefied.”
The sources claimed the bodies were then removed to a private funeral home to be prepared for quick burial.
As a consequence, some outraged citizens are calling for the entire Government to resign.
Meanwhile, Franz deFreitas, the United Progressive Party Candidate for St. John’s City South, says this situation is a disgrace. The sad thing, he adds, is that no one will be held accountable, even as the affected families continue to grieve for their loved ones.
Other persons tell REAL News that this is yet another bad mark against the Minister of Health, who, to date, has offered neither an explanation nor an apology to the public for this latest debacle.

Sir Molwyn has also been highly criticized for the situation at The Fiennes Institute, where an infestation of bedbugs and roaches has overtaken the premises. These vermin are said to have ravaged the residents, particularly those who are bedridden.