Condolences expressed to family of drowned Canadian visitors while Police conduct high-level investigation into their deaths

Condolences continue to be expressed to the Canadian family who
was struck by tragedy on Thursday, November 30, when a mother
and her son perished after falling over Devil’s Bridge.
Expressing sympathy to the family of the 37-year-old woman and
her five-year-old child is Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle, who
 describes the incident as unfortunate and sad.

In the wake of the tragedy, he notes that measures need to be put in
place at that tourist attraction to protect the public.
Thursday’s incident brings to three the number of tourists who have
perished in the perilous waters off Devil’s Bridge this year.
Tourism Minister Charles “Max” Fernandez, who has also sent
sympathies to the family, promises that safety mechanisms will be
put in place at the popular landmark.

Meanwhile, other residents are recommending that signage be
erected to warn visitors and nationals alike against going too close
to the edge of the rock formation, as well as physical barriers to
keep them back.

The waters at Devil’s Bridge are usually very rough, and the Coast
Guard has complained that it had a difficult time getting to the area,
because of the choppy waters.
Meanwhile, according to State media, the Police are trying to piece
together the circumstances leading to the double tragedy, and they
have launched “a high-level investigation” into the deaths of the
mother and her son.
Reports say that, after the woman and child fell into the water, her
38-year-old husband, also a Canadian citizen, jumped into the sea in
an attempt to rescue them. However, the waters proved too
dangerous for him.
The incident reportedly occurred at about 6:55 a.m. on the very day
the family was expected to return to Canada.
The man’s trip home has been delayed, as he is needed by the Police
to help in their investigations. In the meantime, he reportedly has
received grief counseling to help to cope with his loss.