Armed young men rob man of vehicle in one incident and injure victims during home invasion in another instance

Two robberies occurring within the space of nearly three hours are
being investigated by the Police, including one in which four
gunmen invaded a Cassada Gardens home.
Reportedly, the first incident took place on the Golden Grove Main
Road at about 12:15 a.m. on Wednesday, November 8.
Reports say that a Cashew Hill man telephoned the 911 emergency
hotline and reported that he had been robbed of his blue Nissan X-
trail jeep, valued at $35,000, by three men who held him at
They also took his two cell phones.
Allegedly, the victim had been sitting in his vehicle when he was
accosted by the young males, who were all dressed in dark-coloured
clothing and armed with guns.
It is alleged that the robbers, all of whom spoke with an Antiguan
accent, demanded that he exit the vehicle. After he complied, one of
the men searched his pockets and relieved him of his phones.
All three bandits then got into his vehicle and drove off in the
vicinity of the Antigua State College.

The Police conducted a search for the alleged offenders and the
vehicle, and one of the cellular phones – an iPhone XS – was tracked
to some bushes near the Multi-Purpose Cultural and Exhibition
Following an extensive search, the phone was recovered and
returned to the victim. However, the vehicle and the other phone
reportedly were not found.
Meanwhile, a Cassada Gardens man contacted Police Headquarters
and reported that four armed men had broken into his home and
taken his wallet, which contained a number of government-issued
identification cards.
This offence reportedly occurred at about 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday,
November 8.
The man claims he had been asleep in his bedroom and was
awakened by a loud crashing sound. When he got up to investigate,
he says he was confronted by the four masked and armed men.
Allegedly, one of them – described as about 5’9” in height – said, in
an Antiguan accent, “Gimme the money,” while pointing a firearm at
the victim.
Somehow, the victim and his sister, who also was in the house at the
time, were injured during the ordeal.
It appears that the intruders had entered the house via an eastern
door, which they had used force to break down. The door has to be
replaced because of how badly it was damaged during the incident.  
The Police reportedly carried out a search for the alleged offenders,
but without success.