Cabinet now affirming commitment made by Works Ministry to pay for burned employee’s medical care

It appears that Gregson Joseph, the Ministry of Works employee who
was badly burned in an explosion at the Burma Quarry, is still
awaiting payment from the Government for continued medical care.
Joseph’s situation reportedly was discussed in Cabinet on
Wednesday, October 25, and the Executive agreed – again – that the
Government will cover the cost of his treatment.
Joseph suffered second- and third-degree burns in an explosion on
the job, on June 26, and was treated at the Sir Lester Bird Medical
Centre, from which he was discharged after a few weeks.
While residents were calling for him to be flown out to a burn centre
for specialized treatment, the Browne Administration said that was
unnecessary as Joseph was warded in a private room and was
receiving proper care.

However, the Ministry of Works pledged to assist with his medical

The Cabinet is now reaffirming this commitment to ensure that
Joseph receives the treatment necessary for his full recovery.

Joseph is at home recuperating, but reportedly is experiencing some
challenges as a result of the injuries he sustained.