DeFreitas predicts that fractures within the ALP and a loss in the SMS by-election will force Browne to call a General Election

Rumours of dissention within the ranks of the Antigua Labour Party
and resentment of Prime Minister Gaston Browne could result in a
General Election being called, Franz deFreitas, the United
Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker for St. John’s City South, is
Since January, it has been widely alleged that Browne and his team
are at odds; and this, observers say, is why the prime minister is
desperate to win the St. Mary’s South by-election and gain an extra
seat in Parliament.
DeFreitas is foreseeing that, within a period of two months after this
by-election, the Nation will return to the polls for a General Election
– since PM Browne, at this time, is on “sandy ground” in the Labour
The UPP caretaker says that it would take one more by-election to
bring the Administration to its knees; and before that happens, he
says, he believes Browne would prefer to go back to the polls

Apparently, according to deFreitas, other members of the Party are
disgruntled that only the prime minister seems to be doing well