Potter announces clean-up campaign of Rural South, starting this weekend, but Government jumps ahead this morning

Starting this weekend and continuing weekly, residents will be undertaking a clean-up campaign in the St. John’s Rural South constituency, under the direction of the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate Gladys Potter.

Potter says the focus will be on garbage collection and picking up the litter strewn around the various communities. Cutting the grass and overgrown bushes on the sides of the roads is another area of the exercise.

The Candidate is appealing to residents to do their small part in the initiative by cleaning their property and its immediate environs. She recommends that the trash then be bagged and put outside for collection on Saturday and Sunday morning.

According to Potter, the vacant plots of land in the respective communities will be cleared of bushes, since many residents have complained that they serve as hiding places for criminals.

Potter says focus will also be placed on assisting elderly constituents who are unable to take part, physically, in the clean-up drive.

Meanwhile, residents are invited to contribute supplies, such as garbage bags and gloves, to the community exercise.

This morning, Potter reported, with a laugh, that following her media appearance last night, the Government has deployed a crew to Ottos, Newtown, the very area in which her clean-up exercise was scheduled to begin.