Isaac hopes that police will be out in force at upcoming music concert to prevent or quell any violent incident

With the recent upsurge in student-gang violence still the subject of debate, the Chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP), D. Gisele Isaac, is concerned with the youth adopting and acting out the incendiary lyrics of certain songs.

A dancehall artiste is scheduled to perform at a December concert at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Grounds, and Isaac is hoping that police officers will be out in their numbers at the event to prevent or quell any unfortunate incident.

While there will be high-ranking officials at the concert, including politicians, the UPP Chairman notes, they are fully protected and have bodyguards.

Hence, she is more concerned about the safety of the youth – some of whom think it is normal to arm themselves in preparation for fights at public events.  And she laments that what is passed off as art in today’s society is sometimes questionable.  

Meanwhile, Isaac is calling on the Browne Administration to implement measures to protect young people and seriously address the nagging issue of gang violence.

While parents are responsible for their children and have their part to play, she says the Government should also ensure that the youth are engaged in positive and uplifting activities, given the many negative influences in the society.

Over the past two months, in particular, young people have been engaged in some highly publicized violent acts – chopping and stabbing each other – leading some parents to threaten violent retaliation if anyone assaults their children.