Incursion of other nationalities threatens Barbudans’ traditional way of life, Mussington laments

As the island is being developed and people from all walks of life are
moving there to seek employment, residents say the traditional
moral fabric of Barbuda is being eroded.
Since Barbuda was described as the bread basket of the twin-island
nation, Councilman John Mussington says that everyone is seeing it

as the land of opportunity, coming to make quick money, and
bringing their bad habits.
For generations, Barbudans have enjoyed a simple way of life, he
says; but with various other nationalities now occupying the island,
things are changing.
As well, he notes that certain new businesses have popped up on
Barbuda, and this is creating some concern.

Meanwhile, Mussington acknowledges that some Barbudans are not
bothered by the changes and new development because of money.
He says these persons do not appreciate the type of society they had
– or they would not tolerate this societal erosion.
The Council member warns that if Barbudans are not careful they
will lose a whole generation because of the current situation, and
this concerns him greatly.

Mussington says the vision for Barbuda that is being pushed by the
Central Government does not augur well for its people and could be
destructive in the long run.

These are issues, he says, that the Barbuda Council will have to seek
to rectify.