Environment officer is elated that demonstration of electric vehicles and plant-distribution exercise were well received

The Department of the Environment’s “Sustainable Low Emissions Island Mobility Project” is progressing well, according to Senior Environment Officer Daryl George, and its recent seminar on the initiative reportedly attracted quite a number of persons.

In its effort to create a greener environment while reducing carbon emissions, the Department has imported a number of electric vehicles, which it hopes residents will be interested in purchasing when they become available, or import their own.

During the 17th annual Arbour Day celebrations yesterday, November 24, the Department displayed its electric vehicles.  

It demonstrated how they function and shared information on why this type of vehicle is better for the environment and health, in general.

George says that carbon emissions from gas- and diesel-operated vehicles are not healthy and the move to electric vehicles would be better.

Today, November 25, the Department was engaged in an electric-vehicle road show at several tertiary-level institutions.

Implementation of the project is being undertaken in collaboration with the West Indies Oil Company Limited (WIOC).  The company  has been willing to assist, George says, as it understands the need to transition to different types of technology.

Meanwhile, George is elated at the outcome of Thursday’s Arbour Day activities, during which several types of plants were distributed in exchange for two 8” x 8” biodegradable plant bags.

Reportedly all the plants – which included sugar and custard apples, lemon, guava, papaya, mango, sweet tamarind, pomegranate, soursop, raspberry, tangerine and Surinamese and Bajan cherries – were snapped up in a short space of time.