Senator Lewis hopeful that UPP ‘Small Business Pull-up’ can reach nearly 70 businesses across Rural West communities

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is hoping to patronize nearly 70 small businesses in St. John’s Rural West during its “Small Business Pull-up” this weekend.  And, according to Senator Richard Lewis, the Party’s candidate for the constituency, this might be the largest number of businesses covered since the initiative began in August.

Lewis describes Rural West as unique – in that it is one continuous and densely populated space.  Therefore, there is quite a number of small businesses in the respective communities that make up the constituency.

He admits that, due to the sheer size of Rural West, it is unlikely that all the businesses will be patronized during this initial outing.

In the meantime, Lewis says that excitement about the UPP initiative is building, since constituents are accustomed to supporting their local businesses.    

The Senator says the economic activity that will be generated will give many businesses the boost they require at this time, given the financial hardship they have been experiencing since the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Lewis is advancing an apology to the supporters who will be traversing the constituency tomorrow, November 26, and asking drivers to be patient with the bottle-necking that may arise due to the narrow roads.

However, the Police will be on hand to ensure that all goes well, Lewis says.