Tabor says officials tried to throw each other under the bus during Government’s press conference

Former United Progressive Party (UPP) senator Damani Tabor, like many others, is describing the Government’s recent press conference as “a disaster.”

On Thursday, March 30, a number of government officials, along with Minister of Information Melford Nicholas, sought to answer questions about the boating accident in which three Africans perished, allegedly on their way to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

Another 14 passengers – all presumed to be West Africans – are still missing.

During the conference, MP Nicholas made it clear that the Gaston Browne Administration  does not assume any responsibility for what happened to these migrants, who came to this country in a venture – Antigua Airways – in which the Government has a 20 percent stake.

Tabor says the press briefing was one in which the officials sought to “throw each other under the bus” and passed the buck to avoid blame for the incident.

He is also critical of the manner in which Nicholas addressed some of the journalists – including calling one reporter’s question “redundant”and answering another with“What turns on that?”

In addition, Tabor decries the government officials’ lack of empathy for the bereaved family – save for the sentiments expressed by Colonel Edward Croft, director of the Organization of National Drug Control and Money Laundering Policy (ONDCP).

Accordingly, the UPP public relations officer expresses condolences and sympathy to the relatives of those who perished, those who are missing and presumed dead, and to the survivors.