BPM will challenge Antiguan workers’ transferred to Barbuda list and thwart PM Browne’s attempts to control the Council

The Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM) is paying keen attention to the Register for Elections, which was finally released today, January 13, by the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC).

The BPM is readying itself for a court challenge in the event that names which should not be on the register do appear there.  This is in light of the mad rush at the Barbuda Registration Unit on January 9, when a host of workers from Antigua turned up for transfers.

Months ago, Prime Minister Gaston Browne had announced that Antiguans working in Barbuda would be transferred to that voters list; and they, in essence, would get rid of the BPM at election time.

However, Barbuda activist John Mussington says that Browne’s plans to take over the Barbuda Council and perpetrate his disreputable acts will be stopped.

Mussington says the Prime Minister is seeking to repeal the Barbuda Local Government Act, which can be achieved only with the Council’s agreement, according to the Constitution.

He says that a BPM-run Council would thwart Browne’s efforts, and so the Prime Minister has to ensure that a Labour Party Council is in place.

Mussington says the BPM has been monitoring the voters list closely and has objected to several names already; but it has never received a response to those objections.

He confirms that the names of transferred voters have not been published, as prescribed by law, and he is further concerned about allegations that over 100 names have been added to the Barbuda list.

According to the Barbudan activist, the Antiguans working on the sister-isle were transported to the Registration Unit by Antigua Labour Party operatives.

After the list is reviewed, Mussington says, the BPM will take whatever action is necessary to preserve the integrity of the vote on Barbuda.