Healthcare system is in crisis, Senator Joseph tells Sir Molwyn, so get up and do your job

Senator Johnathan Joseph, the United Progressive Party (UPP)
caretaker for St. Mary’s North, continues to call on his political
opponent, Sir Molwyn Joseph, the Minister of Health, to address the
issues with the constituency clinics.
There are three clinics in St. Mary’s North: in Jennings, Brownes
Avenue, and Bendals, and Joseph says they remain in a deplorable
condition – as are others in several other communities.

He reports that the clinic in Bendals is in such an awful state that
even his wife expressed concern, asking if it is still open to the
According to Joseph, the compounds at these clinics are not cleaned,
and the grass and bushes have become overgrown and unsightly.  
On the other hand, while some facilities appear to be in good
condition from the outside, the interiors are deplorable. In some
cases, they are dilapidated and infested by termite, Senator Joseph

The UPP caretaker adds that the healthcare workers at these clinics
are struggling to provide the required care to patients since they do
not have the supplies needed.

Senator Joseph says the healthcare system under the leadership of
Sir Molwyn is deteriorating and is in urgent need of attention.
Too many clinics are closed, he notes, and this is putting a strain on
patients, especially the elderly, who have to travel to other villages
to seek primary healthcare.

Joseph is asking the health minister to get up and do his job – which
he begged the people to elect him to do, and for which he received a
knighthood – since the healthcare system is in crisis mode.