Free & Fair Elections League applies to monitor by-election; Hughes encourages other observers to do the same

The upcoming St. Mary’s South by-election will not be attracting
international observer missions; however, local observer groups are
seeking to be part of the process.

Supervisor of Elections Ian Hughes says the Free and Fair Elections
League has already made its application to monitor the operations
of the by-election.

Anyone else who wishes to observe the process – including
members of the media – have until October 17 to seek permission
from the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC),
Hughes says.

However, the Supervisor says, there are guidelines that observer
groups will have to follow.

Hughes says that ABEC’s post mortem of the January 18 General
Election revealed some breaches by the local observers, including
talking to electors, and these should not have happened.

During a General Election, observer missions – including from the
OAS – would usually observe the process. After the polls, they would
make recommendations to improve the experience for voters and
those involved in the process.