Deteriorating condition of Knuckle Block Centre troubles MP Lewis, who says community will have to undertake its repair

As deadlines continue to be announced and broken for the relocation of the St.
John’s Magistrates’ Court to its former location, MP Richard Lewis is decrying
the condition of the Knuckle Block building from which the court now

It was originally announced that the Court would be operating from that
location for about a year while renovation work was undertaken at its High
Street premises.

However, five years have passed. And – despite the assurance of Works
Minister Maria Browne that, by October 2023, the court would be operating
from its original home – the renovation work is yet to be completed.

Now, from all reports, the Knuckle Block Community Centre has become
rundown and is affected by an infestation of mold reportedly caused by a
leaking roof. The bathroom facilities are also said to be in a disgusting

Accordingly, MP Lewis is put out by the state of the building, which residents
of the Grays-Green community are yet to enjoy.

He says the community will have to find the financial resources to effect
repairs to the structure, since he is certain the Government will not address
and correct the plethora of issues now affecting the centre.

That was MP Richard Lewis.