Irene B. Williams is third school in a week to experience break-in; Wehner calls out Minister Matthew for dereliction of duty

For a third consecutive day, a government-run school has been broken into and items stolen, with the Irene B. Williams Secondary being the latest target of thieves.

REAL News correspondent George Wehner was on the scene this morning, September 15, and reported that the Police were on site to conduct investigations.

This is the third such incident at that particular school within a month, Wehner says.

Wehner claims that, despite the break-ins at the school, Minister of Education Daryl Matthew has not shown up to meet with the faculty.

He alleges, too, that following his appointment as Minister of Education and Sports, Matthew also failed to pay a courtesy call at the institution.

Wehner is admonishing Minister Matthew to pay special attention to the Nation’s schools, since they have been open for just over a week now and the break-ins continue.

These incidents, he says, are robbing students of valuable classroom time – on top of the contact time they have already missed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wehner is also reminding the public of the break-in at the Greenbay Primary School on Monday, September 12, when thousands of dollars in food and sports supplies were stolen.

He recalls, as well, the vandalism at the Sir Novelle Richards Academy on Tuesday, September 13. Since the perpetrators had spray-painted at least three wings of the school, classes had to be dismissed early.