Joseph warns SMS voters to be wary of election gifts, and says his loss is an example of inducements changing outcomes

St. Mary’s South constituents are being advised to be wary of gifts
being offered by political operatives ahead of the by-election in that
The caution comes from Senator Johnathan Joseph, the United
Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker for St. Mary’s North.

While out campaigning with UPP candidate Kelvin “Shugy” Simon –
whose resignation from the Lower House has forced a by-election in
St. Mary’s South – Joseph says that some persons have been asking
for things in exchange for their votes.
Reportedly, it has been the Antigua Labour Party’s practice to offer
inducements, including money and other gifts, for persons to vote a
particular way.
The sad thing about this issue, Senator Joseph says, is that many
residents are unaware of the sacrifices that have been made for
adult suffrage – i.e., for their right to vote.

Many people lost their lives fighting for this freedom, he says; and,
now, others are walking over their sacrifice and asking to be paid to
exercise their constitutional right.
Further, Joseph is offended that a constituency that has been
sidelined for the past nine years is now being asked – with votes
being bought – to allow the Browne Administration to continue its
neglect for another five years.

Meanwhile, Joseph says that his victory was stolen during the last
election, when – three days before the polls – Labour Party officials
went into certain villages to convince residents to vote for Sir
Molwyn Joseph.

He alleges that inducements were offered, enabling Sir Molwyn to
win the seat by fewer than 50 votes.

Accordingly, he is concerned that this same tactic is being deployed
to threaten Simon’s return to Parliament.
The UPP caretaker says the people of St. Mary’s South should remain
resolute and not allow anyone to bribe them to vote one way or the