Corporal has questions to answer after equipment missing from his uncle’s farm are found on his Christian Hill property

A police corporal has found himself in hot water after items stolen
from his uncle’s plantation were found on his premises and on a
vacant property next to his home.
According to reports, the uncle, the owner of a cultivation located in
Bethesda, went to the Dockyard Police Station and reported that a
number of tractor extensions; one banker; one digger; and one
plough had been stolen from his farm between March and
September 26.
Reportedly, the farmer had been missing the extensions for some
time; but on Tuesday, September 26, it is alleged that he saw the
stolen items on his nephew’s Christian Hill property.
A source says the man observed that his banker was attached to the
rear of a red-and-white tractor on the eastern driveway of the
alleged offender’s property.
The other two items – the digger and the plough – had been placed
on a vacant plot east of the corporal’s home, the source says.
At the time the report was made, the officers conducting the inquiry
reportedly made several attempts to contact the policeman in
question, but without success.

However, a search warrant was obtained later and executed at the
corporal’s home. In his presence, the Police found the banker,
digger and plough.
The source could not confirm whether the officer has been detained
for questioning.