Malicious damage of cars belonging to mother and son and an insurance forgery are under investigation

A case of malicious damage and larceny is being investigated, after
the vehicles of a Cooks New Extension woman and her son were
vandalized and items were stolen by unknown persons.
Reports say the woman secured her car in her yard at about 6:15
p.m. on September 23. However, the next morning, she was
awakened at 4:15 a.m. by the constant barking of her dog.
Reportedly, she then woke her son, who went outside to check, and
he discovered that the right front window and rear quarter-panel
glass of her car, a white Suzuki Swift, had been smashed.
The young man also discovered that his black Toyota Vitz, which had
been secured on the road in front of his home, had been damaged, as
well, with the right front window and rear quarter-panel glass being
During the investigation, officers discovered that someone had used
a hard implement to shatter both cars’ windows and, having done
so, had ransacked the vehicles.
Reports are that a battery was stolen from the woman’s car and the
two side mirrors were stolen from her son’s car.
Officers reportedly carried out a search in the area and the spare
tyre from the son’s motor car was found in some nearby bushes.
Meanwhile, the Police are also probing an act of forgery involving a
local insurance company.
Reports say the acting chief executive officer of the Nevis Street
insurance agency made a report to the Criminal Investigations
Department that a Certificate of Insurance had been forged.

The offence reportedly occurred between September 5 and 7 in St.
The alleged perpetrator is likely to be charged, once arrested, and
then taken before the court.