Despite recruiting new faces for his slate, Browne will be dead weight on the ALP, Tabor says

As Prime Minister Gaston Browne continues with his childish, gutter
politics, the people are becoming fed up with his stewardship of the
Government, according to the United Progressive Party (UPP).
For years, Browne has been posting degrading statements and
untruths about his political opponents on his social-media pages.
However, with the people no longer being amused by his antics,
residents, increasingly, have been calling him out .
Now, as the by-election in St. Mary’s South draws closer, Browne has
turned his vitriol on UPP candidate Kelvin “Shugy” Simon in what
some persons describe as envious rants.
Explaining Browne’s behaviour, Damani Tabor, the UPP public
relations officer, says this by-election will be a referendum on PM
Browne, since the majority of residents have abandoned the Antigua
Labour Party (ALP).
Tabor notes that the ALP has been recruiting fresh faces to run on its
slate in an attempt to bring a new dynamic to the party and and
regain the public’s support.

 But no matter what the ALP does, it will continue to lose political
momentum while Browne is at the helm, Tabor says.
The UPP officer says that Antigua and Barbuda needs a prime
minister who listens, and the UPP will give the people the kind of
government and leader they deserve.
Meanwhile, with joblessness still an issue, even though the country
is back to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic, Tabor is asking
what the real unemployment rate is, since the Government is giving
the impression that it has vastly improved.
He is asking about the Labour Force Survey that, he says, should be
released every three years – and noting that the last one was
completed five years ago.  
Accordingly, Tabor suspects that the Browne Administration is
trying to hide the true state of employment in the country.