A by-election or a general election, Symister says the UPP is preparing itself for either

While it is ramping up its campaign for the by-election in St. Mary’s
South – which must be called next month, October – the United
Progressive Party (UPP) says it is readying for a General Election.  
No matter what the Labour Party is trying to achieve by not yet
announcing the by-election date –Leon Chaku Symister, the UPP’s
spokesperson on legal matters, says the Party is ready for anything.

If Prime Minister Gaston Browne announces a General Election date,
instead – which Symister doubts he would risk doing, because he
would lose at the polls – the UPP is prepared for that fight.
Symister says the UPP is not ruling out any possibilities, since the
Labour Party is known for trickery, and since calling a General
Election would halt the by-election.

Accordingly, he assures supporters that a team is in place
monitoring things and already preparing – just in case the country
has to go back to the polls.

In the meantime, the UPP has been hosting a number of activities in
the St..Mary’s South constituency, including public rallies, house-to-
house mobilization drives, and, last weekend, free health