Police constable loses his life in gory accident after motorbike slams head-on into oncoming vehicle

A second road fatality within the short space of three days has been
recorded on the Sir Sydney Walling Highway (formerly Factory
Road), claiming the life of a police constable.

Reports say that, while heading west on his motorcycle, Officer
Robert Dyer collided head-on with a vehicle traveling in the
opposite direction.
It is said that the impact resulted in the officer dying on the spot.

The twisted and mangled remains of the motorcycle were seen in
the middle of the roadway, as were oil stains from the bike, with
several parts of it strewn across the surface and road shoulder.
The officer’s body was propelled several feet away from the wreck,
and parts of his uniform, including his hat and shoes, were also
scattered across the roadway.
Reportedly, Dyer sustained a multiplicity of injuries, including the
loss of a leg during the impact, and sustained broken bones, with
some being exposed through his elbow.

The motorbike officer was attached to the Traffic Department, and
this was not his first accident while on duty.

He sustained a broken leg on Tuesday, June 9, 2020, in an incident
that took place in the vicinity of Sagicor Life on the Factory Road.
In that instance, he had been traveling behind a 40-foot container
truck. At the same time that the driver attempted to make a right
turn onto Lady Nugent Avenue, Dyer reportedly attempted to pass
and collided with the truck.

As a result of the impact he became airborne and landed on the
nearby pavement, injuring his leg.