Claims of human trafficking and tainted money have placed this country in the international spotlight, again, says UPP Chair

D. Gisele Isaac, Chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP), says that Antigua and Barbuda is again in the international spotlight, with a number of active corruption claims being made, including that of human trafficking.

In the past two weeks, video footage and copies of documents have gone into wide circulation, amidst allegations that chests of United States currency were landed here from Africa.

There are also claims that international agencies are monitoring these developments.

Unlike other corruption scandals that have been ignored by the Police, the Government, the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC), and the ONDCP, Isaac says it is unlikely that, this time around, a blind eye will be turned.

Accordingly, she believes the Government has found itself in a very precarious position.

Further, Isaac speculates that some of the money – purported to have been diverted from humanitarian aid to Africa – might have been used to “incentivize” voters during the election.  

According to the UPP Chairman, she is hoping the tainted currency does not bring a curse on this country and destroy innocent lives.