PM Browne lashes out at APUA Water Manager and staff, accusing them of ‘turning off valves,’ and threatens their jobs

Prime Minister Gaston Browne continues to blame the workers at the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) for the unresolved water woes and is accusing them of “turning off valves.” 

He has, therefore, threatened to sack them from their jobs if they are caught.

Speaking on a radio station over the weekend – mere days after his Antigua Labour Party was returned to office – Browne said that anytime he or his Cabinet receives information that valves are being turned off, APUA staff will have to face the consequences

Specifically – although without offering evidence – Browne is accusing the employees of the Water Business Unit of entering people’s properties and turning off their valves.

And he is issuing a clear warning to Water Manager Ian Lewis.

Browne says it was a practice, prior to the general elections, to have the APUA managers meet with the Cabinet. However, he declares that he has stopped talking to them and does not want to hear from them, either.

He admonishes the APUA workers to resolve the water issues –

something that he had pledged to do within 14 days, since 2014 –

or they should proceed home.

Now that his administration has been elected again, he will not be standing for any nonsense, Browne declares.