Persons outraged after viewing brutal beating inflicted on alleged thief by City South resident 

A resident of Vivian Richards Street has come in for criticism for his
treatment of a young man who, allegedly, had been caught
attempting to steal from a neighborhood business.
The man, with the help of others, ruthlessly beat the suspect – who,
some persons allege, was a special-needs student of the Adele
In an almost three minute-long video — captured by a cheering
onlooker – the man is seen beating the young suspect with what appears to be
a length of wood, which broke as he swung it with force.
The blows connected with the alleged suspect’s torso and other
parts of his body as he tried to escape the onslaught.
However, when he managed to escape the rain of blows, he was
pursued by one of the three men present and caught several yards
The suspect was then dragged and tugged up the street, as the group
allegedly waited for the Police to arrive.
Eventually, the Vivian Richards Street resident went to where the
young man was being held and gave him another beating with a
stick as vehicles drove by.
On the video the young man is heard saying “No” and begging for
them to stop.

He also seems to be explaining that he was attempting to go into a
neighbouring business to get $10, while one man is also heard
asking why he did not beg for it.

It does not appear that the beating victim was armed at any point
during the incident. Rather, it seems that he barely had the strength
to fight back, as he was easily picked up by one man when he
attempted to run.

Further, it is alleged that men who were holding him and the one
beating him have no affiliation with the business that the young man
reportedly was targeting.
Since the video went viral, many people have said it is hard to watch.
They complain that the force used was too much for an unarmed
young man – particularly since he might have special needs.
Others say the violence was unwarranted since it was not the
aggressor’s home or business that had been broken into.
“He had no right! None!” a woman, almost in tears, tells REAL News.
“Suppose somebody had done that to his son? How would he like it?”
she asks.
Meanwhile, other outraged and sympathetic residents believe the
man should also be charged for beating the youth mercilessly –
given that he did not seem to be a danger to anyone in the group and
appeared somewhat misguided.
It is unclear whether the alleged suspect was handed over to the
Police or was taken for medical attention due to the beating he