Police lay down the law: No weapons, bottles, or cans during festivities, and children and elderly must be watched closely

Amidst the fact that two teenagers were found with a loaded gun in
St. John’s, in the early hours of Tuesday, August 1, the Police are
issuing a stern warning to individuals not to carry any form of
weapons, especially during the Carnival events.

The police say that revellers and those persons planning to attend
the various shows should refrain from carrying weapons to any of
the venues. 

The lawmen warn that anyone found in possession of an offensive
weapon will be arrested, charged, and taken before the court.
An assurance is being given to the general public that the police
administration will be maximizing all its available resources to
ensure the safety and security of every citizen and visitor to this

Therefore, the Police are calling on everyone to lend full support and
cooperation, as they continue in their efforts to maintain law and

Meanwhile, as Carnival is now in full swing with a show every night
at Carnival City, officers are appealing to vendors to stop serving
drinks in bottles and cans for the remainder of the season.
These items can be used as weapons in the event of a dispute and
innocent bystanders can be hurt, they note.

Additionally, those persons attending the shows and events with
children and elderly relatives in their care should pay close
attention to them at all times, the police say.

Every effort must be made to keep them safe from potential threat
or harm, since every year there are numerous announcements of
missing children, the authorities state.