Broken bottle comes into play in scuffle between female security guard and male supermarket customer; both wounded

The Police are investigating a second wounding incident within two days, this one involving a Cedar Valley man who allegedly was injured by a female security guard.

Reports say the victim, who appears to be of Middle Eastern descent, was at Oops Supermarket on Old Parham Road on Wednesday evening, July 20, and had a physical altercation with a security guard stationed there.

During the scuffle, the security officer – an employee of Amalgamated Security Services and a Villa resident – allegedly used a broken glass bottle to inflict a wound to the man’s upper left arm.

The Cedar Valley resident had to be rushed to the hospital’s Emergency Room, where he was treated by doctors for his injury.

A source says the wound, although severe and requiring stitches, was not life threatening. However, the man was kept at the medical facility for observation.

Reports are that the security guard also had to seek medical treatment for injuries she sustained during the altercation.

On Tuesday, a 15-year-old boy was wounded with a knife wielded by a 17-year-old on George Street, Greenbay. The older juvenile turned himself in to the Police and was arrested.