Tabor invites Browne Administration to extend ABST-free shopping to school snacks and electronic devices

Since the Gaston Browne Administration has taken on board the
United Progressive Party’s recommendation of an ABST-free
weekend for back-to-school shopping, the Party is suggesting that
the benefit be extended to snacks and electronic devices.
Weeks ago, the Party’s public relations officer, Damani Tabor, made
the suggestion during a radio interview. However, the Cabinet
announced – only this week – that it would make the offer for today,
Friday, September 1, and Saturday, September 2, and it would cover
certain school items, including bookbags and uniforms.
If the Government really wanted to extend a financial break, many
residents say, it should have been implemented weeks ago, or last
Wednesday, August 16, when the decision was taken at its Cabinet

After all, they reason, most parents have concluded their back-to-
school shopping already.
Accordingly, Tabor is suggesting that the Government salvage its
“too-little-too-late” initiative by extending it to food items that
parents would normally purchase for their children’s lunches or
He notes that the cost of living is still high, and this tax break would
be of great help to parents.
Further, Tabor suggests that the tax waiver should be extended to
electronic devices like tablets and laptop computers, and this should
be offered for an additional week.
He is reminding the public that the ABST-free initiative was
introduced by the Baldwin Spencer Administration; but, now, it i
not being implemented efficiently.