Aircraft that brought ‘uncleared’ Arabs here in February remains at Runway 10, sparking even further suspicion 

A private aircraft which landed here on Wednesday, February 16, and allegedly did not go through proper security clearance is said to be still on the island.

On February 17, during the Morning Bush Tea Show, REAL News correspondent George Wehner broke the news that some 11 persons – reportedly from Saudi Arabia – had arrived in the country but were not properly landed.

Reports said they were taken from the aircraft and ushered into a number of private vehicles – without clearing Immigration and Customs.  The convoy was then escorted from the airport compound by police officials.

Wehner, a licensed commercial pilot, is now reporting that the airplane appears not to have left the island since then.  Based on its registration, he says, the craft originates from the Isle of Man.

Wehner believes there is something suspicious about the airplane having been at Runway 10 for this length of time – especially since there has been no official word on its presence, nor a response to the initial reports of airport-security breaches.

Meanwhile, Wehner says he is investigating the ownership of the aircraft and the secrecy surrounding its arrival and passengers.

He is also wondering whether the plane is unable to travel outside this jurisdiction for fear of being seized.

The Department of Immigration is the agency responsible for officially landing persons entering the country.  Reports say that both Immigration and Customs officials were upset that “visitors” had been allowed to usurp security processes.