Daytime assault by armed robbers sends Browne’s Avenue man to the hospital and leaves him $600 poorer

Investigations into a recent report of the assault and robbery of a
Browne’s Avenue man are continuing.
The man reportedly was attacked during the late-morning hours, at
about 11 a.m., by two armed masked men.
It was the victim’s neighbour who notified the Criminal
Investigations Department (CID) about the incident.
Reports say the Belmont man was with the victim at his residence
when two men, with yellow and gray shirts over their faces, entered
the home.
The intruders reportedly were carrying a cutlass and a hammer and
attacked the victim, chopping him multiple times in the head. They
also stole $600 from him.
The injured man was taken by ambulance to Sir Lester Bird Medical
Centre after being stabilized by emergency medical technicians.
A search for the two suspects proved futile.