Travel agency accused of defrauding locals, who turn up at the airport only to discover they have no flight reservations

After being embarrassed at the airport, some residents are
complaining quietly that they were gypped by a local travel agency.
In the past two weeks, several persons have been forced to contact
the Police as their efforts to reach the agency through which they
purchased airline tickets were being thwarted.

In several instances, reports say, these victims turned up at the V.C.
Bird International Airport and attempted to check in for flights to
the United States. However, upon reaching the counter, they were
advised that there were no reservations in their names.

The shocked and confused residents say they then called the
proprietor of the travel agency, but they got no response. However,
the female owner did answer calls placed by airline personnel.

In one confirmed instance, the matter was taken to the Police, who
contacted the business owner; and, subsequently, arrangements
were made to have the ticket money and other expenses refunded.
In at least two cases, the residents’ travel was health-related,
sources say, and the “stranded passengers” were left in distress as
the fraud meant they would not be able to make their doctor’s

While it is alleged that other locals have been defrauded in this
manner – paying for tickets that were never booked – it is also
believed they are keeping quiet out of embarrassment.

This particular travel agency was brought to the attention of REAL
News about two years ago, on allegations that it was overcharging
clients who had been referred or directed there by a former minister
of government.

However, at the time, our Newsroom was unable to confirm that the
minister was a shareholder or director in the business.