Hurst announces that completion dates for Anchorage Road Bridge and Cades Bay Bridge are just around the corner

Residents who live in Yorks, Royal Gardens, and the northern section
of the island, and who traverse the Anchorage Road, will be happy to
learn that the stalled road works could be completed by next week.
According to Government spokesperson Lionel “Max” Hurst, the
Anchorage Road Bridge is likely to be completed by the end of
Hurst says the Cabinet met with the director and deputy director of
Public Works and the chairman of the Development Control
Authority and received reports on several road projects now
underway in St. John’s and Cades Bay.
Further, he claims that completion of the Cades Bay Bridge, which
was the site of a recent traffic mishap, will follow shortly after.
Previously, however, the Ministry of Works had given a nine-week
completion time for that project.

Meanwhile, addressing other work being done by the Ministry,
Hurst says it is also charged with fencing the Bolans Playing Field
and constructing change rooms and bathrooms there.
The Ministry is also responsible for fencing the designated Public
Cemetery at Tomlinson’s to ready it for the commencement of
Additionally, Hurst claims that work being undertaken at the Boys
Training School is almost complete, and it will be ready for
occupancy by the second week of September.