A grateful Simon lauds Brother B’s support of his campaign and contributions to St. Mary’s South and prays for his recovery

Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, the United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate
for St. Mary’s South, has issued a statement on the illness of his
predecessor, Hilson “Brother B” Baptiste, who is hospitalized after
having suffered a stroke on Monday.

Reports say the stroke has left Baptiste unable to speak, and he
remains in the Intensive Care Unit of the Sir Lester Bird Medical

Simon says he joins the residents of St. Mary’s South – where
Baptiste was the parliamentary representative for two decades – in
sending get-well wishes to the retired MP and praying for the full
and speedy recovery of “our beloved leader and native son.”

He says that Baptiste, who is from humble beginnings, has
demonstrated that, with hard work and determination, anything is

“Through his grassroots leadership style, he has touched many lives
in St. Mary’s South,” Simon says, and “is a wonderful example of
good leadership in our community… .”

The UPP candidate says the community – and the Nation on a whole
– should strive together to build on Baptiste’s sterling contributions.
Simon noted that, several weeks ago, despite his health challenges,
“Brother B” took to the platform during a rally in St. Mary’s South
and endorsed his candidacy in the upcoming by-elections.
He is extremely grateful to Baptiste for his ongoing support and his
mentorship, Simon says. 

Further, the candidate recalls that when he returned from studying
in Trinidad, in 2004, he expressed an interest in entering politics.
And it was Baptiste who encouraged him to get involved, he says.
Accordingly, he says he is inspired by the senior politician’s
commitment to uplifting St. Mary’s South and his call to work
together for a better quality of life.

“Brother B served faithfully … and has left a legacy for all to follow,”
a grateful Simon declares.

Members of the Party and Simon’s campaign team are grateful for
the advice and counsel Baptiste has provided and continue to pray
for his complete healing.