Police Week celebration to add new event – a pageant for male officers – insider claims, and rigorous training is underway

As the Force gets set to celebrate its Police Week of activities for
2023, there will be a major addition to the calendar of events, a
source says.
This change, according to the source, will see the traditional queen
show being replaced by a male version of the pageant.
The insider claims that six officers have signed up to compete in the
inaugural pageant and have been engaged in rigorous practice
To date, neither the names of the competitors nor a promotional
flyer has been made public – although there are only about two
weeks left before the annual activities begin. But, according to the
source, the orderly of a high-ranking officer is one of the six men
now in full pageant mode.

It appears that the police administration prefers to remain tight-
lipped about the show’s date and venue, the source says.

The insider says he expects that the show will be sold out, since
many people would want to witness this historic event, the first of
its kind for the Force.

Police Week is usually celebrated during the first week of September
and opens with a church service.