Defence Force sends contingent of 15 soldiers to participate in Tradewinds 24, a multinational military exercise, in Barbados

A group of Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force officers are taking part in this
year’s Tradewinds Exercise in Barbados. Fifteen soldiers are taking part in
Tradewinds 24, a significant multinational military exercise.
The event officially got underway on May 4 at Paragon Army Base with the
ceremonial unfurling of flags from 26 nations.
The exercise is designed to prepare joint military forces for potential
operations at the Cricket World Cup 2024. Accordingly, they will engage in
simulated exercises, showcasing an impressive display of unity and diversity,
with each participating nation’s flag representing its commitment to
multilateral relationships and collaborative security efforts.

According to Barbados Defence Force Commander Mark Peterson, the
exercise’s co-lead, this event enhances capabilities and strengthens
partnerships among security forces.
Tradewinds 24 – part of the Joint Staff-Large Scale Global Exercise 2024 – is
pivotal for fostering international cooperation and building capacities to
address evolving global-security challenges, the organizers say.
The exercise instructs officers on human rights, rule of law, and the
professionalization of militaries, and it is geared towards making Forces
adaptable, trained, and ready to respond to trans-boundary challenges.
There are over 1,200 service members from more than 26 countries
participating in the exercise. Reportedly a high level of planning was involved
to bring together so many nations and regional organizations for a common
This year marks the fourth time that Barbados is hosting the annual event.
Commodore Errington Shurland, chief of staff of the Barbados Defence Force,
says the exercise focuses on foreign military interaction, maritime operations,
and field training in support of the US Southern Command’s campaign plan.
Tradewinds 24 ends on May 17.