Not enough rain to fill major dams and ease drought, but residents and farmers are thankful for Sunday’s rain

Residents are thankful for the showers of rain that blessed the
island on Sunday, August 20, although they caused minor pooling of
water in some areas.

As a result, the MET Office had to issue a flash-flood advisory for
low-lying and flood-prone areas of the island, which went into effect
after 3 p.m. and ran until 8 p.m.
However, there were no reports of any major damage caused by the
rainy conditions.
The MET Office said that inconveniences were expected, but the
flooding was not anticipated to be immediately life threatening.
However, people were warned that just one foot of flowing water is
enough to sweep vehicles off the road.
An area of disturbed weather, which was being investigated for
tropical development southwest of the Leewards, was blamed for
causing the periodic heavy showers over the islands.
Reportedly, in excess of 1.75 inches of rain fell in some places within
a three-hour period, and officials had expected another inch or more
would have been likely in 12 hours.
Unfortunately, the amount of rain that fell was not enough to fill
some of the major dams and bring meaningful relief to the
persistent drought conditions.
But residents say they are thankful they were able to get some water
into their tanks, cisterns and other catchments.
Farmers, too, are glad for the minor shower activity, since it has
been a struggle to get water to their farms.